Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show Review: The Dead Westerns

Band: The Dead Westerns
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca

A seven band pile up crashed through Kimo's last night and the place was pretty packed. While all of the sounds were nothing short of entertaining, there was one that grabbed me from mingling and drew me to the dancing crowd: The Dead Westerns were very much alive and kickin'!

At first going out was out of the question due to lack of sleep, but a friend managed to talk me into hittin' up the show, promising the 'Westerns would deliver. Wow. Not only did they bring it for me, they woke the dead, the dazed, and the drunk! 

This eclectic band has a dance-y feel with some serious toe-tappin rockabilly bass lines. The sweet guitar riffs place you somewhere between a dream sequence of Rebel Without a Cause and Natural Born Killers. The songs all differ from each other but are just as catchy as the next. If bands like Pixies, Stray Cats or  Phenomenauts make you excited then you'll definitely want to experience this four-piece 'surf' ensemble (there's no way to just watch them- you have to experience them). During their set, the audience went from dancin' a fool, to faux circle pit, to begging the band for just one last song.  I swear, you'll be up shakin' it in no time (I even caught myself dancing without even realizing it).  

If you've never heard of them and you see them on the bill, give 'em a shot, they're fun!

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