Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bum City Saints Cause A Raucous

Band: Bum City Saints
Hometown: Oakland, Ca

Punk fans of all ages have long graced 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley- an old warehouse out in the cuts where circle pits and metal studs have a permanent happy home. Saturday night a local band known as Bum City Saints led the pits to destruction in a giant sing along!

The band has a dedicated fan base of all ages (I'm talkin ten years old to thirty plus). With classic sounds like Dead KennedysThe Vandals and early A.F.I., this East Bay hardcore band has strong punk riffs that hit you like a punch in the gut. The three piece band formed two years ago, making a name for themselves to the locals. Among the patrons, my favorite was the no more than twelve year old girl in the pit with the helmet on. Nothin' like coming prepared!

The band ended their set demanding everyone in the place hop up on stage, grab a mic, and sing our little hearts out. It was a fist pumpin crowd and an earthquake of kids. Loud music, rowdy (pre)teen punks. A great way to spend a saturday night.
Bum City Saints frequent the Gilman, a place of music history worth visiting in and of itself. Now that you know of the band, make sure you drop in and show some support!

Group Sing Along at 924 Gilman Saturday, September 25, 2010


  1. hi, i was the one with the helmet... i am actually fifteen but my friend who is twelve was tearin shit up in the pit better than i could :)

  2. izzy, sorry, you look young (i do too, i know) but you are very rad! that literally made my night. please keep being awesome :)